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McCormick F Tractor Series

The F Tractor Series brings to the market a new generation of specialists par excellence. The whole range has been completely renovated to provide ultimate performance, improved ergonomics, maximum comfort and unequaled safety.


The F tractor gets an all-new look for 2015 in line with the distinctive family styling introduced on the latest generation of McCormick tractors. The updated F series features a fully redesigned hood and front grille with integrated round headlights, while the decals on the hood sides reflect the new graphics adopted in 2012. The driving position in both the cab and platform versions is finished in the same colours as the plastics of the dashboard and side consoles. The cab version also sports a new colour for the ceiling. The new F series still offer a choice of three transmissions and a variety of front and rear axle solutions, resulting in different wheelbase sizes and track widths. The range comprises three models designed for specific applications:

- F model: (narrow orchard) ideal for work in small-sized, narrow-lane orchards.
- GE model: (low orchard) ideal for work under low orchards and overhead trellis systems.
- XL model: (large orchard) for use in standard-size orchards and in open-field cultivation.

The new F tractor offers the same high standards of comfort and performance as its predecessor. The driving position is designed to offer the driver a roomy and comfortable workstation with ergonomically arranged controls capable of responding more efficiently to the ever more specialised needs of modern farming. Powered by powerful Perkins Tier 3 turbo aftercooled engines, the new Rex series features a transmission with optional Hi-Lo splitter gear and power shuttle, a PTO with electrohydraulic engagement, an electronically-controlled rear hitch and a variety of hydraulic options. Plus, a tight steering radius provides excellent manoeuvrability, further enhancing the tractor performance and productivity. All these features convert the F tractors into reliable, versatile machines capable of handling a variety of implements with ease and of coping with almost any terrain and crop. The F tractors deliver a unique combination of performance, functional features and efficiency, without compromising on look and comfort.




The 1103D and 1104D 3 and 4-cylinder Perkins engines fitted on the new F (T3) series have been purposely designed for agricultural applications. They feature modern conception and avant-garde technical solutions responding to the most demanding market needs. Quiet, environmentally friendly and fuel efficient the new engines comply with Tier 3 standards governing the emissions into the environment. The F series comes with 7 engine models delivering 74 (naturally aspirated), 83 (turbo), 68, 79, 92,5, 102 and 110 HP/ISO (turbo after-cooler). Thanks to particular technological innovations these engines ensure optimum fuel-to-air mix ratios resulting in better combustion, enhanced efficiency thus providing outstanding performance and torque backup at lower running costs. The fully tilting hood provides easy access to the engine for routine service and daily maintenance.


  F70 F/GE (T3)F80 F/GE/XL (T3)F85 F/GE (T3)F90 F/GE/XL (T3)F100 F/GE/XL (T3)F110 F/GE/XL (T3)F120 F/GE/XL (T3)
Perkins “Tier3”direct-injection engine 1103D-33TA 1104D-44 1103D-33TA 1104D-44T 1104D-44TA 1104D-44TA 1104D-44TA
Max power (ISO) HP/KW 68 / 50 74 / 54,5 79 / 58 83 / 61 92,5 / 68 102 / 75 110,2 / 81
Rated Speed 2200 2200 2200 2200 2200 2200 2200
Max. Torque NM 280 261 310 352 393 416 410
Max Torque Speed  TR/MIN 1400 1400 1400 1400 1400 1400 1400
Bore / Stroke MM 105/127 105/127 105/127 105/127 105/127 105/127 105/127
Displacement Cm3 3300 4400 3300 4400 4400 4400 4400
Nr. of cylinders / Turbocharged 3 / YES 4 / NO 3 / YES 4 / YES 4 / YES 4 / YES 4 / YES
Compression ratio 18,2:1 18,2:1 18,2:1 18,2:1 18,2:1 18,2:1 18,2:1
Water cooling â- â- â- â- â- â- â-
Air filter â- â- â-   â- â- â-
Fuel tank capacity STD + OPT Lt 40+ (25 OPT) 40+ (25 OPT) 40+ (25 OPT) 65 65 65 65



The new McCormick F series comes with three different transmission versions: two mechanical versions: Speed Four (4 speed gears 12FWD+12RV) and Sped Five Speed Five (5 speed gears 15FWD+15RV) with mechanical reverse power shuttle. The third version is hydraulically controlled: PowerFive (with 5 basic speeds + splitter gear with HI-LO electro-hydraulic engagement for 20% speed reduction to achieve 30FWD+30RV) and hydraulic reverse power shuttle. The PowerFive transmission enables the number of gears of the basic transmission to be doubled by using the green push button integrated within the gearshift lever. The De-clutch control (orange pushbutton integrated on the gearshift lever) and the Reverse Power Shuttle (lever located under the steering wheel) enable clutch-less engagement and reversal of all gears. On all versions the transmission can be optionally integrated with a creeper.



With its rear-hinged, fully-glazed side doors, the Deluxe cab offers the operator unequalled all-round visibility. The cab features a modern and stylish interior with automotive-grade fit and finish and new colours for the plastics of the dashboard and side consoles and for the ceiling. All controls are ergonomically placed for convenient operation, while the air-suspended seat and the height-adjustable steering wheel further enhance the operator comfort. The cab is pressurised to keep a clean, dust-free environment and features an efficient heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system which integrates an air filter that cleans the air inside the cab providing the operator with a safe, healthy and comfortable work environment. Natural ventilation is ensured by the opening front and rear windscreens. The colours of the dashboard and side console have been updated also in the platform version.



The hydraulic system is powered by a double pump providing a maximum total flow of 82 l/min. The system comes as standard with 2 single and double acting auxiliary control valves (including a floating one) on the F and F-GE model, and with 3 on the F-XL version. The system can be optionally equipped with an electro-hydraulically controlled three-ways flow divider operated by a lever  fitted on the R.H. console incorporating three pushbuttons. According to the button being selected, it can alternatively operate the hydraulic levelling ram, the hydraulic top link or one control valve. As an alternative, a triple pump with 3 front auxiliary valves controlled by a joystick can be fitted on request to operate the front implements. Easily accessible high-quality quick-release rear couplings ensure optimum comfort of operation and improved tractor productivity.



  F70 F/GE (T3) F80 F/GE/XL (T3) F85 F/GE (T3) F90 F/GE/XL (T3) F100 F/GE/XL (T3) F110 F/GE/XL (T3) F120 F/GE/XL (T3)
Front tyres 4WD 280/70R16-260/70R16 280/70R16-260/70R16-280/70R18 280/70R16-260/70R16 280/70R16-260/70R16-280/70R18 280/70R16-260/70R16-280/70R18 280/70R16-260/70R16-280/70R18 280/70R16-260/70R16-280/70R18
Rear tyres 14.9R24/ 14.9LR20 14.9R24/14.9LR20/ 14.9R24 14.9R24/ 14.9LR20 14.9R24/14.9LR20/ 14.9R24 14.9R24/14.9LR20/ 14.9R24 14.9R24/14.9LR20/ 14.9R24 14.9R24/14.9LR20/ 14.9R24
Min.Lenght 2WD and 4WD 3900 4009 3900 4009 4009 4009 4009
Min.Width mm 1437/1413 1437/1413/1554 1437/1413 1437/1413/1554 1437/1413/1554 1437/1413/1554 1437/1413/1554
Wheelbase 2WD mm 2065/- 2174/-/- 2065/- 2174/-/- 2174/-/- 2174/-/- 2174/-/-
Wheelbase 4WD mm 2017 2134 2017 2134 2134 2134 2134
Heigth to steering wheel mm 1440/1300 1440/1300/1440 1440/1300 1440/1300/1440 1440/1300/1440 1440/1300/1440 1440/1300/1440
Height to safety frame 2315/2150 2315/2150/2315 2315/2150 2315/2150/2315 2315/2150/2315 2315/2150/2315 2315/2150/2315
Height over cab mm 2260/- 2260/-/2260 2260/- 260/-/260 260/-/260 260/-/260 260/-/260
Ground clearance 4WD 220/190 220/190/240 220/190 220/190/240 220/190/240 220/190/240 220/190/240
Weight 2WD (Without ballast) + Cab 130 Kg Kg 992/1415-989/1301  992/1415-989/1301-1064/1489 992/1415-989/1301  992/1415-989/1301-1064/1489  992/1415-989/1301-1064/1489  992/1415-989/1301-1064/1489  992/1415-989/1301-1064/1489
Weight 4WD (Without ballast) + Cab 130 Kg Kg 2675/2480 2845/2540/2865 2615/2480 2845/2540/2865 2845/2540/2865 2845/2540/2865 2845/2540/2865



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