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X5.40 Tractor - Australia Specification

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X5.40 X5.40 Tractor - Australia Specification Enquire Now

The McCormick X5.40 Tractor features a power rating of 113HP and a max torque of 450NM which is powered by the new 3.4-litre, four-cylinder, turbo-aftercooled Perkin 854E-E34TA engine.

  • Engine: 105HP / 77kW, Dual power 113HP / 83kW, Perkins Engine, T4i, 4 Cyl. Turbo after‐ cooler
  • PTO: Hydraulic PTO 540/750/1000 RPM
  • Transmission: Gearbox (48+16) RPS with 3 Speed Power-shift and Creeper Reduction Gears with Shuttle Modulation Control and Park lock
  • Tyres: 440/65R24 Front ‐ 540/65R34 Rear
  • Hydraulics: Four Spool valves S/D acting (1 Motor with F/D + 1 Std + 1 Kick-out + 1 Float) + Joystick, Electronic Lift Control with external control switches, plus two hydraulic additional cylinder lift
  • Operator Area: Premiere Cabin ‐ Air Conditioning, Driver’s seat with pneumatic suspension, with OPS and two armrests and Headrest, Passenger seat, Tilt able and Telescopic steering column with integrated digital cluster, Open able roof hatch with Sunblind
  • Drive/Axle: 4WD Hydra-lock front Axle with brakes
  • General: Swinging Drawbar, Swivel Front Fenders and Rear Fenders Side Extension, Beacon Light, Oil Collecting System
  • Loader: Loader Ready (Sub-frame + Hydraulics Fitted)
  • Loader Option Specifications: MANIP MB80 FEL, Lift Height 3,770mm, Lifting Capacity at Max Height 1,100kg, Mechanical self‐levelling, 3rd Function with Joystick, Suspension, 4-1 Bucket 2100mm 0.79m³.
  • Optional Wheel and Tyre (TBA Cost): 280/85R24 (11.2R24) (114A8)/W10 - 420/85R30 (16.9R30)


X5.40: X5.40 Tractor - Australia Specification